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Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Black Japan Domestic Version New

Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Black Japan Domestic Version New
Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Black Japan Domestic Version New
Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Black Japan Domestic Version New

Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Black Japan Domestic Version New    Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Black Japan Domestic Version New
Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Only Japan Domestic Version New. The instruction manual is in Japanese. You may have to download the English manual at maker's homepage. It is a mirrorless camera equipped with an RF mount symbolizing the EOS R system. In order to realize high image quality exceeding the imagination, "large diameter" of 54 mm inner diameter which inherited the EF mount. "Short back focus" which can increase the degree of freedom of optical design and pursue higher image quality. "New mount communication system" which drastically improves the communication function of the camera and the lens and evolves the function of the EOS R system in its entirety. RF mount leads the unwavering belief of EOS "fast, comfortable and high image quality" to a higher level. "EOS R system" to advance high image quality to a new era The large diameter RF mount symbolizing the EOS R system adopts large aperture mount and short back focus to realize unprecedented high image quality. It has a 35mm full size CMOS sensor and a video engine DIGIC 8 inside. In conjunction with the drawing performance of the RF lens, it draws sharp detail to the detail of the subject. And reproduced to the gradation of delicate color which can not be grasped with the naked eye.

Furthermore, the new mount communication system dramatically improves the communication between the camera and the lens. In addition to realizing numerous new functions, we have greatly enhanced image processing performance. Large diameter mount The EOS R system aimed for is not "a small single-lens camera capable of expressing the same image as before". It is a system that expands unprecedented image expression and shooting area.

For that purpose, it was not the miniaturization of the mount, it was the best choice to inherit the large diameter 54 mm of the EF mount. As a result, optical performance can be enhanced without enlarging the lens. And, it became possible to develop high-spec lenses including high-quality lens with bright F value.

Short Back Focus In order to maximize the performance of RF lenses, it was indispensable to adopt short back focus. As a result, the mirrorless structure is selected. With this structure, it is possible to increase the degree of freedom of optical design because the CMOS sensor and the lens rearmost portion can be arranged close to each other. By using RF lens groups that have made practical use of unprecedented optical performance, higher image quality than ever can be achieved.

In addition, since the space where the mirror of the SLR is present can be effectively used optically, it can contribute to miniaturization of the entire camera and lens system. New mount communication system A new mount communication system that evolves the function of the EOS R system in its entirety. Due to the 12-pin electronic contact, the communication speed has been greatly improved compared to the EF mount. Information such as focus, zoom, aperture, camera shake correction, various aberrations of the lens, etc. Are instantaneously transmitted to the camera side. Even if you set the Digital Lens Optimizer in the camera to [Yes] from the initial setting, advanced optical correction is possible without reducing the speed during continuous shooting. Full size CMOS sensor pursuing high resolution, high sensitivity, high speed Approximately 30.3 million pixels, 35 mm full-size CMOS sensor installed in-house developed and in-house developed with high pixel and high sensitivity and low noise compatibility.

Optimization of optical design corresponding to RF lens is demonstrated, high resolution is demonstrated. In addition, the large size sensor called full size bring out the beautiful blur taste of RF lens to the maximum. We also realize a wide dynamic range enabling rich and smooth gradation expression. Video engine DIGIC 8, responsible for the brains of EOS R The high-performance CMOS sensor catches the light guided to the RF lens.

It is the image engine DIGIC 8 that reflects that good quality material to the image as much as possible. Due to advanced image processing performance, it achieves ISO sensitivity of 40000 as usual with high pixel. Even a high sensitivity draws a clear piece. It also achieves a number of functions such as high-speed continuous shooting of up to about 8.0 frames per second, evolution of dual pixel CMOS AF, EOS movie of 4K / 30p. Camera shake correction of up to five steps 1 with still images.

Dual Sensing IS The shake detection algorithm evolved from EOS of single lens reflex camera. In addition to the lens gyro sensor, the amount of shake is detected from the image information of the camera's CMOS sensor. By comparing and analyzing these two pieces of information, it is possible to detect and correct the fluctuation of low frequency 2 that could not be detected on the lens side with high accuracy. Maximum of 5 stages has been achieved together with the optical IS of the lens.

RF 24 - 105 mm F4 L IS USM / RF 35 mm F 1.8 MACRO IS STM only available (as of September 2018). 2 Slowly shaking of the body due to breathing. Usual ISO sensitivity up to 40000 achieved Due to the CMOS sensor and the image engine DIGIC 8, the high sensitivity performance is greatly improved. Commonly used ISO sensitivity realized 100 to 40000 (recommended exposure index) for still images. Enhanced ISO sensitivity can be set equivalent to ISO 50 (L) / 51200 (H 1) / 102400 (H 2).

With the cooperation of high sensitivity performance and IS effect, the possibility of hand-held shooting further expanded. We will make scenes with less light intensity such as the cityscape of night and the dimly lit interior more clearly than ever. Noise reduction function supporting high sensitivity shooting and long exposure shooting Besides high-sensitivity shooting, noise reduction is demonstrated also in long-time exposure shooting.

For long-exposure shooting, you can select from [Do not / Automatically /]. For high sensitivity shooting, you can select from [Not / Weak / Standard / Strong / Multi Shot Noise Reduction Function].

Multi shot noise reduction function High sensitivity When shooting, it is a function to finish the image with less noise. Four images are taken with one shutter, and they are automatically combined in the camera. It records as one image with little noise while maintaining the resolution feeling.

Multi shot noise reduction can not be selected at RAW setting. Shutter speed during ISO auto Low speed limit When ISO AUTO is set in Program AE and Aperture Priority AE, low speed limit of shutter speed can be set. You can prevent unintentional reduction in shutter speed.

It can be set manually for each step from 1/8000 second to 1 second, and there are also automatic settings that can set [slow / standard / fast] in 7 steps. When taking a picture, execute the digital lens optimizer in the camera In the EOS R system, the RF lens holds data for the digital lens optimizer. It instantaneously transmits the data to the camera side by large capacity · high speed communication.

By doing this, we perform processing while shooting, not post-processing. Since it does not affect the number of consecutive shots, [Yes] is applied from the initial setting. Various aberrations of the lens such as diffraction correction are optically corrected in the camera During shooting, diffraction correction is performed in the camera. In order to omit the post-processing on the personal computer, it is possible to actively narrow down the shooting.

In addition to diffraction correction, it is also possible to correct chromatic aberration, peripheral light amount, distortion aberration. Correction is executed even during JPEG shooting.

On-board correction data stored in the camera In EOS R, all correction data of lenses compatible with the previous digital lens optimizer are registered in the camera. It is also possible to correct the peripheral light intensity, chromatic aberration correction, distortion aberration of the TS - E lens. Focal length of full size lens to 1.6 times. Crop shooting function Cropped shooting of movies / still images is possible when mounting RF lenses and EF lenses.

For still images, you can easily crop the APS-C field angle (1.6 times) so that you can obtain a telephoto effect. When cropping, it is recorded with about 11.6 million pixels. When the EF - S lens is attached, it will be cropped automatically.

Also, when shooting movies, it is cropped to the viewing angle of 4K. When JPEG [L] / RAW / C - RAW.

At JPEG [S2], it is recorded with about 3.8 million pixels. Adopted new RAW format [C-RAW] with reduced file size In addition to the conventional RAW, a new RAW format [C - RAW (CR 3)] is adopted. While it is about 30.3 million pixel data same as RAW, it reduces the file size. Improve processing speed and continuous shooting speed at the same time, enlarge performance during shooting.

Compared to [C-RAW], the picture quality is better than [RAW]. It is not possible to convert RAW to C-RAW or C-RAW to RAW. Two approaches to enhance expressions on the highlight side Improved performance of high brightness side / gradation priority 1. Added [Strong (D + 2)] to extend the gradation expression by utilizing the signal on the high luminance side.

The suppression effect of white crimp further improves. In addition, the Auto Lighting Optimizer improves the gradation of bright subjects such as clouds and faces that are easy to whiten. When [Enhanced] is set In addition to white tobi improvement, it is possible to assign more gradations to bright areas in 2.

Even in environments with dark and light contrast, you can express with natural contrast and beautiful resolution. 1 Auto lighting optimizer is automatically set to [Do not] if you set the high brightness side / grayscale priority function to [Yes].

The ISO speed setting range is 200 to 40000. Expanded ISO sensitivity can not be set.

2 When setting [Stronger], the number of consecutive shootable images decreases during continuous shooting. [Importance on detail] to a depiction with a sense of resolution The photographer can fine-tune it according to preference and photography situation, such as appropriate [detail emphasis] when it is desired to express delicate texture and subtle nuances, and impressively finishing [empty blue and trees of trees] etc. Based on the preset picture style, you can also register values adjusted according to your intention. Other Picture Styles Picture styles installed with presets are nine types of [Picture Style Imported], [Auto], [Standard], [Portrait], [Landscape], [Neutral], [Faithful Settings], [Black and White], User Settings 1 to 3 is. Express faithfully white [White Priority] For Auto White Balance, you can select from "Atmosphere Priority" and "White Priority". [Warmer priority] to make use of the reddish color of the light source is effective, and [White priority] is effective when you want to represent white faithfully. World's fastest AF, 0.05 seconds achieved EOS R's dual pixel CMOS AF achieves the world's fastest AF speed in 35 mm full size camera. Capture the instantaneous movement of a moving object without delaying the intention of the photographer. AF accuracy and tracking performance also evolved. It corresponds to every shutter opportunity.

Calculated from results of AF time measured according to CIPA guidelines (depending on shooting conditions and lenses used). [Measurement conditions] AF method: 1 point AF (measurement condition) AF method: 1 point AF (distance measurement) AF operation: in one shot AF Evolved dual pixel CMOS AF Dual pixel CMOS AF is Canon's original AF technology realized by a sensor in which all pixels are both imaging and phase difference AF. In addition to being able to measure distance in a wide area of the imaging surface, AF can be performed with high precision and speed even in scenes where AF is generally difficult, such as dark scenes.

In EOS R, we also succeeded in high-speed and high-precision AF, enlarging the range finding area, and increasing the number of distance measuring points. Abundant information from RF lens and dual pixel CMOS AF are highly coordinated.

This completes the dual pixel CMOS AF which can be regarded as the highest in the history of EOS. AF distance is measured in the range of about 88% wide by 100% vertical by the image display range. However, with some lenses, it is about 80% wide × 80% vertical. A wide area AF area of about 88% × about 100% The distance measurable area realizes a wide range of about 88% (width) x about 100% (length) of the maximum size of the EOS full size.

Even with a composition that places the subject in the corner of the screen, high-speed and high-precision AF is possible. Utilizing the high-speed processing capability of DIGIC 8, it demonstrates high subject capturing ability and distance measurement accuracy in lower contrast subjects and low brightness scenes. AF frame selectable position with maximum 5655 positions When AF area is arbitrarily selected, you can specify an arbitrary position from the AF point selectable position of 5655 positions of horizontal 87 × vertical 65. This makes it possible to move the focusing point smoothly with finer pitch.

Since it is easier to distance the subject at pinpoint, even if the depth of field is shallow, the focus can be adjusted as desired. 143 AF area division number when automatic selection of division (number) When automatic selection AF area division number (face + tracking priority AF) captures the subject with 143 division which becomes the maximum in EOS. When a subject is detected, the AF frame becomes 1 point, and tracking is executed with more detailed steps.

Moving subjects can also be comfortably captured using a wide range of AF areas. World's first AF low brightness focus limit EV-6 Even under the low brightness conditions that could not be seen with the optical viewfinder, the bright eyepiece viewfinder (EVF) makes the view clearer. EOS R is a synergistic effect with EVF, and it is possible to perform low brightness photography to AF even subjects that are difficult to grasp with the naked eye. When shooting with F1.2 lens at the central focus point, we achieved the low brightness limit of EV - 6. Excellent AF performance is demonstrated even for lenses with low open F value.

On the imaging phase difference AF of a lens interchangeable type digital camera equipped with an imaging element equivalent to 35 mm full size. As of September 4, 2018 (Examination of Canon). According to Canon test standard. (When shooting still images - F1.2 - Central AF point - One shot AF - Room temperature - ISO 100) When taking pictures in a low brightness environment, the EVF frame rate may decrease. Effective for portrait shooting, pupil AF Detects the subject's pupil and AF it [Eye pupil AF 1] loaded.

By default, the pupil closer to the camera is selected automatically 2. Even when the depth of field is infinitely shallow, you can focus on the pupil with focus. 1 Functions when [One Shot AF], [Face + Tracking Priority AF], and [Pupil AF: Enable] are selected.

If the distance between the pupil and the camera is about the same, select the pupil closer to the center of the screen. 2 It is also possible to select manually. Touch the eyes in the face selection frame to select it, or you can move the AF point with the four-way controller. Seven distance measurement areas to choose by subject or shooting style EOS Single-lens reflex camera Equipped with [AF area selection mode] that can shoot with the same sense as the optical finder AF. You can make effective use of the wide AF area of the screen.

[Area enlargement AF (up / down / left / right)], [Area enlargement AF (ambient)], [Large zone AF (Horizontal / Landscape)] newly provided. Continuous shooting of up to approximately 8.0 frames per second 1 It achieves continuous shooting of up to approximately 8.0 frames per second 1 although it is about 30.3 million pixels. Approximately 34 images 2 have been achieved with RAW + JPEG Large / fine images.

When RF lens is used, it is possible to select [High speed display] to improve the display frame rate. Support framing during continuous shooting. 1 When AF operation is [One shot AF]. It also depends on shooting conditions battery level, temperature, flicker reduction processing, DPRAW shooting, shutter speed, aperture value, subject condition, brightness, AF operation, lens type, flash use, shooting function settings, etc. At servo AF, the maximum speed is about 5.0 frames per second (continuous shooting speed priority).

2 Using Canon's test standard SD card (standard: 32 GB / high speed: 32 GB compatible with UHS-II), our testing standard (high speed continuous shooting, still image crop / aspect: full size, ISO 100, DPRAW shooting: Style: Standard). Stable exposure even under blinking artificial light source. Flickerless shooting In flickering artificial light sources such as fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, LED light sources, tungsten light, etc. Flickering phenomenon (flicker) occurs due to the blinking cycle. Under this situation, when taking a picture with the shutter speed raised, exposure unevenness and color unevenness may occur.

In EOS R, it is possible to stabilize the brightness and color of the photo and adjust the exposure timing by performing flicker detection operation by the image sensor. It is effective for flicker with blinking cycle of 100 Hz and 120 Hz. If the state of the light source changes during continuous shooting, the influence of flicker may not be reduced. In addition to lengthening the release time lag when setting [Yes], there is a possibility that the continuous shooting speed decreases or the continuous shooting interval varies.

AF tracking performance plus depth information In addition to two-dimensional information of luminance, color and face, [depth information] is utilized to realize a higher performance tracking AF. In [depth information], distance information around the subject is monitored in real time.

The tracking performance in a scene in which another subject similar to the main subject is mixed in the screen or a scene in which the subject and the background are similar colors has been improved, which was difficult in the conventional AF. Customize characteristics of servo AF The characteristics of servo AF can be customized according to the movement of the subject. [Subject tracking characteristics] [Tracking ability to speed change] [Distance measurement point transfer characteristic] can be adjusted. For example, if the Subject Following Characteristic is on the minus side, it will be less susceptible to obstacles, and if on the plus side you can quickly focus on subjects that appeared suddenly.

AF operation while peeping with touch & drag AF Touch & drag AF that allows you to adjust the focus position by touch panel operation while looking through the viewfinder. It corresponds to [absolute position] specifying the position of focus with fingers and [relative position] moving the focus position by the amount of movement of the finger from the current focus position in the direction of sliding the finger. There are 9 kinds of touch areas. You can choose according to the style of the photographer, such as the operation with the left hand or how far the thumb reaches. Also, it is comfortable to move AF when shooting movies that can be done with the viewfinder. Finally AF is achieved with focal length up to 1600 mm. F11 light flux correspondence AF in the entire range finding area EOS R realizes AF corresponding to F8 / F11 light flux over the entire range finding area.

Since AF is possible with a focal length of 1600 mm at the maximum, the area of shooting in wild animals, sports etc. It may not be possible to respond depending on lenses and circumstances. Control ring mounted on RF lens In addition to the main electronic dial and sub electronic dial on the camera side, a control ring on the lens side is newly installed.

You can perform more intuitive and speedy operation while looking through the viewfinder. Also, since the control ring and the focus ring adopt the electronic ring, the direction of rotation of the ring can be selected by [normal / reverse]. Function can be assigned to various operation members Customizable according to the style of each photographer.

Frequently used functions can be assigned. In addition, you can customize movie shooting button, MODE button, AF frame selection button, display panel illumination button.

New operating member of EOS, multifunction bar While compacting the camera, it does not compromise the operability and provides a new operation system to the photographer. One answer is the multifunction bar.

Slide operation, right and left tap operation, 3 actions are possible. You can set shooting settings such as AF, ISO, WB, movie shooting, focus confirmation, image feed, function shortcuts and so on. Different function settings can be assigned at once, so multiple frequently used settings can be executed with one hand and few operations. Moreover, since it can operate with silence, it is convenient for operations when you can not emit sounds, such as when shooting movies. Everything is completed within the viewfinder. Built-in EVF 0.5 type · OLED with OLED (organic EL) organic EL viewfinder (EVF) with about 3,690 thousand effective pixels · field of view ratio of about 100%. In order to pursue a real "appearance" approaching the optical viewfinder, an aspheric lens is adopted as the finder optical system. Realize a comfortable finder that can immerse in taking pictures such as eye point of about 23 mm easy to peep while wearing glasses, finder magnification of about 0.76 times. You can also perform exposure simulation display, menu screen display, etc. Various and functional display in the viewfinder With a layout close to the rear monitor, various information is displayed in the viewfinder. The display items can be customized.

Also, if you hold the camera in the vertical position, the function automatically changed to the vertical layout , the dial icon is displayed in the shooting setting that can be operated, etc. Sequential setting / shooting operation while viewing the viewfinder It is easy to concentrate on subjects. Icons are rotated, so you can see better. Since the display position is the same regardless of the posture of the camera, the line of sight is difficult to get lost when checking the information.

The viewfinder display format is selected from 2 types. Only in still image mode.

Vertical display corresponds to various icons, histogram, level. Bali angle LCD monitor Adopted 3.15 (3: 2) Bali angle LCD monitor that can perform low & high angle shooting comfortably. It moves about 180 ° in the forward direction, about 90 ° in the backward direction, and about 175 ° in the horizontal direction. Horizontal opening style that allows smooth change of angle when tripod or battery grip is attached. With an unreasonable attitude, you can create a composition according to your expression purpose.

Approximately 2.1 million dots Clear view liquid crystal II Adopt high definition clear view liquid crystal which can obtain sufficient resolution even in enlarged display. In addition to seven levels of brightness adjustment, color tone adjustment of [warm / standard / cold 1 / cold 2] is also possible. The video frame rate can be selected from [smoothness priority / power saving priority]. Comfortable touch panel function Touch the subject on the screen to select the position to focus on, enlarge or reduce the image with two fingers, and achieve comfortable touch operation. Scratch-resistant reinforced glass surface is coated with a stain-proof coating that makes it easy to wipe fingerprints and dust. Adopted dot matrix display panel at the top Adopted dot matrix display panel which can switch to various shooting setting display.

Even when turning off the LCD monitor, you can check the setting with only the display panel. Even when the power is off, the exposure mode is always displayed. Up to five My Menu tabs can be added Choose frequently accessed functions, and you can aggregate them on one screen [My Menu].

Up to five tabs can be registered. Moreover, it is possible to delete the tab and change the name.

Easily mark pictures in 5 ways. Processing can be performed in five ways: [1 picture (select picture) / range designation / within folder / all picture / inside of card · all picture / search result during searching · picture of picture]. You can refine the image you want to find, image search You can narrow down the images to be played back by conditions. With the images narrowed down.

Index display that can confirm a large number of pictures on one screen You can display [4 images / 9 images / 36 images / 100 images] at once. You can quickly find the piece you want to see from a huge image. 4K · UHD, New era EOS movie The EOS R system further expands the possibilities of EOS movies. With RF lenses and more than 70 EF lenses you can enjoy a variety of video expressions.

Internal recording of 4K · UHD (3840 × 2160) is possible, and frame rate is 29.97 p / 24.00 p / 23.98 p, ALL-I / IPB can be selected respectively. When shooting with 4K, you can set the highest ISO sensitivity 12800 for normal use, so you can shoot with increased sensitivity even in dark scenes. Since it is possible to shoot movies even while looking through the viewfinder, it is useful for daytime shooting, where reflection of light to the LCD monitor is anxious. FHD 60 p / HD 120 p: MP 4 Even for fast-moving subjects such as sports and animals, to express smooth and beautiful moving images with reduced afterimage.

Furthermore, we adopted MP4 which is highly versatile as the recording format. You can work comfortably at professional production sites and at home. 4K frame extraction Save 1 frame of 4K movie as JPEG as image of about 8.3 million pixels (3840 × 2160). It can also be used as a photograph material or as a focus check at 4K shooting.

You can not resize or trim cut out images. You can not cut frames from full HD movies. Since one frame of a movie is saved as a still picture, the picture quality is not the same as that of a normal still picture.

4K time lapse video Connect still pictures taken at regular intervals and record / play back as 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) movies. The figure of the subject which changes with the passage of time, such as the growth of the celestial body, the landscape, the flower of the flower and the ecology of the insect, is drawn out in high resolution. AF, movie electronic IS, voice recording does not work. The shooting interval is the shortest 2 seconds. Canon Log standard loading Recording method supported from numerous professional sites, Canon Log. Dynamic range is wide, and it is possible to express rich expressions with just a slight grading. It also supports noise reduction processing when shooting with 4K including Canon Log. The degree of freedom of expression has further increased. When 4K recording, it corresponds to HDMI output with YCbCr 4: 2: 2, 10bit. YCbCr 4: 2: 0, 8 bit recording will be recorded when camera internal recording is performed. Supports comfortable shooting with powerful camera shake correction Enhance camera shake correction effect during movie shooting. When installing the IS lens mounted RF lens 1, the amount of shake which can not be corrected by IS on the lens side is detected with the image information on the camera side, and the correction effect is enhanced. Furthermore, both the camera side movie electronics IS 2 and the lens side IS are cooperatively controlled by the new mount communication, and the powerful camera shake correction effect is realized as the combination IS. In conjunction with the conventional IS mounted EF lens, 5 axis correction (lens side: horizontal rotation, longitudinal rotation / camera side: rotation axis, left and right, up and down) combining lens side vibration reduction and electronic vibration reduction is used It is possible. Even when the lens not equipped with IS is installed, motion picture electronic IS 2 in the camera will correct blur. 1 Compatible lens: RF 24 - 105 mm F 4 L IS USM / RF 35 mm F 1.8 MACRO IS STM (as of September 2018). 2 When using movie electronic IS, the shooting range becomes narrow. Recording size that can be selected according to scenes and uses The recording size is 4K · UHD image quality of [3840 × 2160 pixels], full HD image quality of [1920 × 1080 pixels], HD image quality of [1280 × 720 pixels], 4K · UHD image quality is 29.97 fps / 25.00 fps / 24.00 fps / 23.98 fps, full HD image quality corresponds to 59.94 fps / 50.00 fps / 29.97 fps / 25.00 fps / 24.00 fps / 23.98 fps. Movie shooting will end automatically when the recording time reaches 29 minutes 59 seconds (high frame rate movie is 7 minutes 29 seconds). With 4 GB of file size and no limit of automatic stop (SDXC card formatted in exFAT format, even if it exceeds 4 GB, it is recorded in one movie file). Full HD / 60p, MP4 format adopted Full Hi-Vision 60p to suppress the afterimage feeling even with fast-moving subjects, record smoother and beautiful. Even during 1/2 speed slow playback, smooth slow playback can be performed. The recording format adopts the MP4 format which is excellent in playback compatibility, so you can play it on a wide range of devices. High frame rate, HD / 119.9 fps recording When recording HD (1280 × 720), high frame rate movie shooting at NTSC: 119.9 fps / PAL: 100 fps is possible. It is recorded as 1/4 speed video for 29.97 fps / 25.00 fps.

It can express fine-grained and natural slow-motion images without frame skipping. High Frame Rate When shooting movies, the shooting time of one scene will be up to 7 minutes and 29 seconds. The time code counts up for 4 seconds for 1 second of real time (time code is not recorded when free run is set). Also, sound is not recorded. High frame rate AF does not function during movie shooting.

It can not be done at EF-S cropping. Two compression methods: ALL-I / IPB ALL-I is an intra-frame method that compresses in units of one frame. Since decoding and re-encoding are performed on a frame-by-frame basis, it is a high-quality compression method suitable for cut editing and video clipping. On the other hand, IPB refers to the difference before and after the frame and detects the difference. High compression, file capacity is light, and long time recording is possible. Usual high ISO sensitivity of up to 25600, with beautiful images even in the dark High-performance CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 cooperate with each other for full HD. Usual ISO 100 to 25600, 4 K commonly used ISO 100 to 12800 high sensitivity shooting is realized. Even shooting in the dark, clear and beautiful images.

It also contributes to the photography of no light, such as shooting taking advantage of the light's atmosphere and shooting instrument saving light that can not use lighting. Both full HD / 4K expansion ISO sensitivity achieved 102400. HDR movie to reduce white tokens even in scenes with large contrast difference Reduced white tobidden which is likely to occur in the bright part of the sky, indoor with large contrast difference, outdoor, lighting up at night and so on.

Recording with HDR movie can increase reproducibility on high brightness side. During Full HD shooting, images of different exposure of standard exposure and under exposure are alternately photographed, combined and recorded as one frame. Suppresses the white toby and reproduces the detail. Extended ISO sensitivity can not be set. In Tv mode, the minimum ISO sensitivity is 400. HD, 29.97 fps, IPB (NTSC) / HD, 25.00 fps, IPB (PAL) when using EF - S lens and movie crop shooting. Smooth response to the change in brightness. Av value 1/8 step setting When shooting a movie with an RF lens attached, the aperture setting step can be set to 1 / 8th level. You can select from [Do not].

When [Yes] is selected, the setting of the aperture value in the [Movie Aperture Priority AE / Movie Manual Exposure] mode changes from 1/3 (1/2) step to 1/8 step. Auto slow shutter When shooting in a dark place, the camera automatically reduces the shutter speed.

By smoothing the image, it is possible to shoot moving pictures with priority over brightness while suppressing noise. You can select [ON / OFF]. [MF peaking] and [Dual pixel focus guide] [MF peaking] in which the color (selectable from red / yellow / blue) is displayed on the outline part of the focused subject and [Dual pixel focus guide] using distance measurement information and lens distance information. Two manual focus assist functions support movie shooting. Adopt 5 AF methods as with still images The AF method can be selected from 5 types of [Face + Tracking Priority AF] [1 point AF] [Area Expansion AF (Up / Down, Left / Right / Around)] [Zone AF] [Large Zone AF (Portrait / Landscape)].

Focusing comfortably with moving image servo AF. It is also possible to customize follow-up characteristics Dual pixel CMOS AF demonstrates its power even in movie shooting. In [Face + Tracking Priority AF], the camera automatically tracks the focused person. Continue focusing with high precision according to movement. In [1 point AF], the characteristics of the moving servo AF can be customized, so you can shoot movies according to the subject and expression purpose. Customization of movie servo AF: AF speed It is possible to set [AF speed] according to the moving speed of the subject and the expression intention. The setting width is 10 steps of [slow (-7 to -1) / standard / fast (+1 · + 2)]. As the focusing movement in moving images is slower, it is more difficult for the slower to feel uncomfortable, so setting width of [slow] is widened. Operating conditions can be selected from [Always / Under shooting]. When [Shooting in] is selected, at the time of focusing before shooting, the lens is driven with [Standard] irrespective of the set speed, and shooting preparation can be done quickly. It can be set when using a lens that supports low-speed focus feed during movie shooting. Customization of Movie Servo AF: Subject Following Characteristics "Subject tracking characteristic" can be set from 7 levels. [Sticky] (-3 to -1) holds the focus to some extent even if the subject comes off the AF frame or the obstacle crosses. Suppresses unintended focus movement and supports stable AF shooting. On the other hand, [sensitive] (+ 1 to + 3) is effective for expressions such as shifting the focus to a subject crossing the subject from a distant subject.

HDMI 4K output compatible It corresponds to HDMI output of 4K movie. Although the contents that can be displayed differ depending on the monitor specification of the connection destination, it is possible to output video signals such as 2160p (4K · UHDTV).

Built-in stereo microphone, high quality to sound Not only image quality, sound is recorded in high quality. The recording level can be switched between [AUTO / MANUAL / NO]. Manual recording level can be adjusted from 64 levels. Wind cut / attenuator function When shooting outdoors, it features a wind cut function that can reduce the sound generated by wind and automatically attenuates sound cracking when large sound is input.

Supports a versatile color space. 709 The color matrix is Rec. Natural color reproducibility can be obtained with the monitor currently used at the site of video production without requiring display assist function or LUT. In addition, good color reproducibility and contrast can be obtained without grading etc. And it is possible to utilize the picture immediately. Things you might like to recommend for more comfortable movie shooting 4 K: SD memory card UHS - II, video speed class 60 or more, full HD · HD (ALL - I): SD memory card UHS - I, UHS speed class 3 or more , Otherwise please use a large capacity card of UHS-I speed class 3 or higher. If the writing speed of the card is slow, the built-in memory of the camera will be consumed, so movie shooting may end automatically. For other compressed card speeds please check [Specifications]. The maximum recording time is 29 minutes 59 seconds (high frame rate video is 7 minutes 29 seconds). New design refined to detail The mount symbolizing the EOS R system adopts fine metal. It combines precise and tightly coupled images, with advancedness and universality as a system.

That is Mount Core Design which tells the new era of EOS. The camera pursues a flat form where the dial buttons are matched to the exterior surface as much as possible. We precisely embedded metal dials. The shape and texture of the operation member are devised to detail so that it can be determined by the sense of the fingertip. Dustproof and drip-proof structure to respond to various shooting fields Adopting highly reliable dustproof and drip-proof structure that allows you to concentrate on shooting even in harsh environments.

Sealing member is adopted for battery chamber, card slot cover opening and closing part, etc. Even in places where it is difficult to incorporate a sealing member, such as a dial rotating shaft, we have made high precision to minimize the gap between parts. Although the camera has a dustproof and drip-proof structure, it does not completely prevent intrusion of dust and water droplets. Shutter endurance about 200,000 times. Both miniaturization and durability are compatible The durability of the mechanical shutter achieved about 200,000 times.

When power is off, the shutter closing specification is adopted to suppress invasion of dust and dust into the CMOS sensor when changing the lens. Silent shutter function installed By installing the silent shutter function , silent shooting is possible.

It demonstrates its power in scenes where shutter sounds are concerned, such as concerts, presentations, and museums. Can not be used simultaneously with the following functions (multiple exposure shooting, HDR shooting, multi shot noise reduction, noise reduction for long exposure, flash photography, continuous shooting, AEB shooting, flicker detection, DPRAW, LV soft shooting). Drive sound is generated when AF drive or aperture drive is performed. Perform slit rolling shooting of CMOS sensor.

In using this function, please take sufficient consideration so as not to infringe the privacy of the subject, right of portrait rights etc. EOS first, equipped with Fv mode (flexible AE) First installed for shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity, AUTO or Fv mode which can be set arbitrarily. You can freely change exposure Av, Tv, M, ISO Auto, etc. Without switching from Fv mode. From the state of P mode (program AE) which made everything auto, all parameters are changed directly, only the numerical values of the items set with AUTO under the four-way controller, up on the four-way key are set to AUTO.

Four metering methods The photometric method is 384 division (24 × 16) photometry in real time by the imaging element. [Evaluation metering] corresponding to all AF frames, metering the range of about 6.1% in the center of the screen [partial light metering], measuring the range of about 2.7% [spot metering], [central weighted average metering] The four types are carried. A scene with big difference in contrast also combines three images, and it becomes one with rich tones HDR shooting is an effective drawing function in scenes that are concerned about white tobacco and blackout. Three images of [Underexposed / Standard / Over] are taken consecutively.

Combine the parts close to the standard exposure, and generate one image rich in gradation. In addition to [Automatic], the swing width of exposure can be selected from [± 1 / ± 2 / ± 3]. You can choose the effect of finish from [Natural] [Painting style standard] [Graphic style] [Oil painting style] [Vintage style].

Automatic adjustment of image position enabling high precision HDR Camera detects delicate image shift due to camera shake etc. It corrects automatically and creates an image with high sharpness. Multiple exposure shooting by overlapping multiple images and finishing it as a completely different work Multiple exposure shooting that superimposes 2 to 9 images (optional setting) and creates one piece of work. Two types of shooting modes, [Function / Operation Priority Mode] and [Continuous Shooting Priority Mode] are installed. Every time you shoot a single image, the superimposed image is displayed on the LCD monitor, and you can check the overlapping condition of the image even with the playback operation.

Function · Operation priority mode You can switch shooting functions such as menu, AF mode, drive mode, etc. Also, in addition to multiple images, you can save all the images taken. Even in the playback operation you can check the superimposed images on the LCD monitor, and switch between viewfinder shooting and live view shooting during shooting.

When it becomes an unintended image, it is also possible to return the image composition to the previous state and shoot again. Continuous shooting priority mode You can shoot fast motion at high speed and express its trajectory with one image.

It is effective for taking sports and animals. Only multiple images are recorded. In [Continuous Shooting Priority Mode], [Menu screen display] [Shooting immediately after shooting] [Image playback] [Redo shooting] can not be performed during shooting. Four multiple exposure control that produces various expressions You can choose from the addition / addition averaging / comparison (bright) / comparison (dark) the exposure of superimposed images.

RAW development in the camera. Lens optical correction is also possible RAW image, C-RAW image can be converted to JPEG and saved. When converting, fine image adjustment is possible. [Brightness Correction] [White Balance] [Picture Style] [Auto Lighting Optimizer] [Noise Reduction at High Sensitivity Shooting] [JPEG Recorded Image Quality] etc.

And [Optical Optical Compensation] such as peripheral light amount correction and distortion correction. It can also perform digital lens optimizer and diffraction correction. To the composition as image.

Camera trimming function Images taken with JPEG can be cropped in the camera. You can finish it with a work that further enhances the completeness of the composition. RAW images can not be trimmed. You can not trim frames cut out from 4K movies. JPEG image can be reduced, resizing in camera You can reduce the image shot with a large recording quality in the camera.

Convenient when you want to reduce the amount of data, such as when transferring images to smartphones via Wi-Fi. The resized image is saved as a new image. RAW images can not be resized. Aspect ratio can not be changed. You can not resize frames cut out from 4K movies.

Battery charging with USB is possible EOS R battery can be charged with USB power adapter PD-E1 1 2. Also, when the battery grip BG - E22 is installed, you can charge 2 LP - E 6N 3 4. 1 Charging is not possible during shooting.

Charging is possible with the camera turned off. 2 Charging of EOS R is possible even in scenes where there is no battery charger. 3 LP-E6 can not be charged.

4 You can put 2 pieces, but it will not be charged at the same time (Charging begins from one side, the other will start charging when one is fully charged). High-speed transfer of large files as well. USB 3.1 Type-C compliant digital terminal Equipped with a digital terminal compatible with SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.1 Gen 1) that transfers large-capacity image files to a computer at high speed. Interface cable IFC - 100U and cable protector are also included.

When connecting the interface cable, be sure to use the supplied cable protector. Transfer image to smartphone or tablet [Camera Connect] If you install ("Free") application for smartphone (free), you can transfer photos and movies taken with EOS R to the smartphone on the spot you took. Remote shooting from a smartphone is also possible. Only JPEG images, RAW images, and movies (MP4) can be saved as images on smartphones. RAW image is transferring thumbnail JPEG.

Also, transfer of 4K movies is not supported. In parallel with shooting, automatically send images to smartphone 1 If you start up the dedicated application [Camera Connect 2], you can send pictures to the paired smartphone or tablet while shooting. Check not only at the shooting site, but also the market share at SNS is smooth. You can select Automatic transmission is [ON / OFF] and image size [Reduction / Original]. Once pairing is done, it will be automatically connected to the camera just by launching the application from next time.

1 This function is sent automatically when shooting. Other than when shooting, select an image via [Camera Connect] and save it. 2 [Camera Connect] should be downloaded (free) from the App Store (for iOS), Google Play (for Android).

Confirm image in camera with smartphone With the cooperation of Bluetooth installed in EOS R and [Camera Connect], you can check the images stored in the camera with the smartphone 1. You can check the captured image and rate without taking out the camera in the bag. 1 In case of iOS terminal, switching operation may be necessary on the terminal side.

2 It is premised that you are paired in advance. Depending on the material and contents of the bag, radio waves may be shielded and communication may not be possible. 3 Automatically connect camera and smartphone according to operation from smartphone by setting Bluetooth function to [smartphone] from the camera menu and setting [OFF] to OFF during power OFF. Because it is always connectable with a smartphone, you can use the function as soon as you think without having to do cumbersome connection operations. Cooperation with GPS of smartphone Using the GPS function of the smartphone and [Camera Connect], you can attach position information to the captured image.

Premise that you are pairing in advance. It is necessary to turn ON the position information adding function of the camera.

Automatically send photo data to PC EOS R supports automatic image transmission application to PC [Image Transfer Utility 2] 1. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can automatically send difference data only to the PC you paired in advance. After taking a picture, you can automatically back up to the PC by simply placing the power on camera beside your home PC.

Furthermore, since automatic transmission from PC to cloud 3 is possible, backing up data is very easy. 1 Conventional [Image Transfer Utility] does not support PC automatic transmission. It is necessary to download and install the application [Image Transfer Utility 2].

2 Camera and PC must be connected to home network respectively, and it is necessary to pair with the camera for the first time with [Image Transfer Utility 2]. 3 Settings are required when automatically sending only untransmitted images. Full-featured remote shooting with PC EOS R corresponds to [EOS Utility], remote live view shooting with PC is possible.

In addition to being able to precisely focus on the large screen of the PC, you can carry out full-fledged comfortable shooting because you can confirm the image with [Digital Photo Professional 4] immediately after shooting. 8 frames / sec One shot AF.

Correspond to E3 type remote control (TC - 80N3 can also be used by using RA - E3). Yes HDMI mini output terminal type C (automatic resolution switching). Lithium-ion battery Battery pack LP-E6N / LP-E6. Standard recordable number of pictures. 370 sheets Room temperature, fully charged battery pack LP-E6N used, when setting [smoothness priority]. 0.76 times 50 mm lens · · -1 m - 1. Correspondence IEEE 802.11b / g / n. Compliant Compliant with Bluetooth 4.1. 4K image quality 4K · UHD (3840 × 2160), full HD (1920 × 1080), HD (1280 × 720). 36.0 × 24.0 CMOS sensor. 3.15 type TFT type color liquid crystal monitor, 3: 2, approximately 2.1 million dots. Yes Organic EL color electronic viewfinder, 0.5 type (4: 3), approx. Correspondence EL / EX Speedlight. SDXC / SDHC / SD card. 660 g Battery, memory card (optional) included.

Dust removal function (dust reduction). Yes Automatic / manual, dust deleted data addition. EOS R body, battery charger LC-E6, battery pack LP-E6N, interface cable IFC-100U protector, interface cable IFC-100U (without core), strap ER-EOS R.

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If it is going to take longer we will contact you. Items that have been damaged from actions such as drops, self repair, non maintenance damage, water damage, damage caused by misuse are out of free repair scope. 1 Can you lower the value in the invoice or mark it as a gift? We cannot undervalue the products or mark them as gift/used item, as it is prohibited by the law.

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Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Black Japan Domestic Version New    Canon EOS R Mirrorless Single Lens Camera Body Black Japan Domestic Version New